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The Olmsted Center is a hub of student activity at Drake. From early morning studying to late-night programming, the building is always busy during the semester.  The Olmsted Center offers recreational facilities, a coffee-shop, event spaces, study areas, and also houses many university departments. 

2875 University Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311

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515- 271-3711



Upcoming Events

BUILD Class: Getting a Head Start: A TIAA Workshop

Now, more than ever, it is imperative you have the information necessary to plan effectively for your retirement. Paige Philips, Senior Financial...

9/28 10am
BUILD Class: Higher Ed 101: Working on a College Campus

This session targets employees who are new to higher education. We will dive deeper into higher education structures and practices than time allows in new...

10/11 2pm
BUILD Class: Active Shooter Training

Recent national tragedies remind us that the risk of active shooters in the workplace are real. Taking a few minutes now to train yourself can help you react...

10/12 10am
Campus Life 2

A Cooperative Law Symposium hosted by the Drake Agricultural Law Center.

10/18 9am
BUILD Class: Supporting a Healthy Immune System through Diet and Lifestyle

Learn what you can do to strengthen your immune system this winter. While there are many components to immune health - nutrition and lifestyle play a key...

10/27 2pm

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Teresa Downs

Teresa Downs left a positive review 2/19/2019

Anne is great!

Marlee Rutledge

Marlee Rutledge left a positive review 2/25/2020

It was an awesome opportunity to listen about the history of how the struggle was fought in Des Moines. Just a shame that the university couldn't pay the panelists something.

Dina Khayrushina

Dina Khayrushina left a positive review 11/25/2019

A great event as always!

Ibrahim Khalaylih

Ibrahim Khalaylih left a positive review 11/19/2019

Very nice entertaining and educational event.

Hamdi Abdullahi

Hamdi Abdullahi left a positive review 10/26/2019

I think it was great that they talked about the things that affect students the most.

Wes Worthing

Wes Worthing left a positive review 10/23/2019

I truly enjoyed this. It was both fun and educational to take a memory trip back to 2006 and compare how the social world has evolved and how we can remain professional within today's network. John is a composed and friendly speaker but pulls no punches with getting his message across. He was also gracious to hang out for questions afterwards... And he's taller than I imaged. 😁

Autumn Osia

Autumn Osia left a positive review 4/23/2019

The people were really nice and food was good!

Tracy Davies

Tracy Davies left a positive review 4/4/2019

Thanks so much for all the great information. This event was time well-spent!

Sara Hughes

Sara Hughes left a positive review 4/1/2019

Great chance to learn about resources and to help build my support team.

Giada Morresi

Giada Morresi left a positive review 2/25/2019

Love comedy