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Tirzah Peterson

Tirzah Peterson left a review 5/16/2020

Considering our daughter’s photo wasn’t included in virtual commencement (nor were several other business school grads) and Drake University couldn’t make the effort to verbally state the names of each graduating student in the business school, it was shocking how benign it all was. Those that chose to watch it stated to us that it felt like a promo for Drake and not enlightening graduates as they commence to the world outside of a Drake.

Let me just add this: a professor at Maryland Uni who has a wonderful site named the Golden Ratio made effort and the time to create a wonderful heartfelt commencement and read out loud 3k! Graduate names with attached photo, school and degree from all over the world, both high school, college and other degrees With video taped commencement speech a in full regalia (reminded she is herself a professor dealing with similar deadlines) Plus send out a personalized card -ALL WITHOUT HIDDEN AGENDA...and DRAKE UNIVERSITY can’t manage to meet or surpass that??? After 100k plus for an education??

Completely disgusted and disappointed.
There is NO excuse for such disingenuousness or lack of effort.
I’m certain Dean Bloom would have demanded more.